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Soft Scrub Facial Exfoliant

Soft Scrub Facial Exfoliant has NO Plastic BEADS. All skin types benefit from this exfoliant, but it is especially perfect for delicate, sensitive or dry skin. Soft Scrub will gently clean out your pores and get rid of the dead skin to leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Add a small amount of water to scrub, mix well and apply to face in circular motion, then rinse off. To make a moisturizing mask, simply add honey to scrub and mix to make a paste, apply to skin and leave on 10 mins, then rinse.

Additional information

Weight 0.103 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 3.5 cm

Ground oatmeal, Almonds, Orange peel, Rose petals, Rosemary


75 gram

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Gift Wrap Design

Craft Paper w/ Yahk Ribbon Gift Box ($3.00)

Gift Wrap Design

Craft Paper w/ Yahk Ribbon Gift Box ($3.00)

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Handmade In Yahk, BC

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